Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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HPMP - 1085
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture / rs Serbia
5 members
ARSA Architects
Zlatko Redzovic
Anastasja Spalević
Luka Redžović
Veljko Tocilovac

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Hyde Park has been a music hub for many decades, where some of the most famous performers of their time have enchated the public and made the perk a famous music venue.
Our proposition for the Hyde Park Music Pavillion consists of equalizers from the most famous songs that've been performed there. The plan consists of 30 equalizers that, when they collide, form a multifunctional pavillion that contains a stage for musical performances, toilets/service area. an exhibition area, a leisure are and a relaxation area. An exhibition area, a leisure are and a relaxation area and a space to listen to the song that belongs to the equalizer.
It represents the fluctuation that happens in music, always changing heights, like the equalizer, witch translates in its plan, but also in its sections. The pavilion unenviably consists of tiling that follows the equalizers. Followed bu changes in height, going above and under the surface of the tiling, giving the pavilion the spectre of activities that are needed by the visitors.
In conclusion it perfectly represents the music that is a huge part of British culture.

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