Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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HPMP - 1056
National Technical University of Athens / gr Greece
2 members
Evangelos Stampelos
Ioannis Georgaklis

Project type:
Espacios Públicos

The proposal manages the existing relationship of the park with the city and tries to showcase it, by trying to integrate in the corner an infrastructure that will accommodate spaces of music, entertainment and gathering areas.
A large, flat surface acts as a dual-function matrix. Its dual function lies in its programming, as a free, land-cleared walk and cell outing, suitable and free for occupation by the city's musicians.
It is the staging of uncertainty, it is not concerned with the arrangement of permanent or temporary objects but with the irrigation of the territory with potential, it does not aim for stable configuration but for the creation of enabling fields that accommodate different processes and programs. It is not about meticulous definition, but about expanding notions,
not about separating and identifying entities, but about discovering unnamable hybrids, it is not obsessed with the city but with the manipulation of infrastructure for endless intensification and diversification, shortcuts and redistribution – the reinvention of psychological space.

The walk is now becoming an experience - The experience becomes music – The music generates the CELLS.

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