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Future (by Natasha Kri)

SFI - 1105
Academy of architecture and art i / ru Russian Federation
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Натали Крикотина

Humanity strive to create new technologies that are designed to make our lives better. We can shop without leaving home, choosing products or things with the help of robots and mechanisms in the stores. We have a small garden in which we grow only organic fruits and can watch them grow and water them through the monitor screen.Education aims at the student to immerse themselves in a subject that he studies. And let the cosmos far, and medieval knights are not already walking the streets, but we can feel a part of this, thanks to 3d projections.Artificial intelligence and we learn to live together. Together we will learn new and important stored-nature. We are not hiding in the artificial world. We live here and now, enjoying each day, love and dreaming.

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