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Fluxo do Amazonas - NOA1201

NOA - 1201
University of Florida / us United States
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Alyssa White
Alexis Hyman
Laura Rodriguez

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The Amazon River is the river with the largest water flow in the world and makes up an enormous hydrographic network, unique for its size and massive amount of water. The river is commonly known for being the lungs of the Earth. In addition to the river, the Amazon Rainforest is home to a vast biodiversity of animals and plants. People of all cultures and races come to the Amazon to experience this rainforest and river. Manaus, located in Brazil, is the Amazonian city of the river which allows the flow of water of the Amazon River to enrich this city with nature and history. The idea of taking the flow of water, which represents the interconnections between water and life, into a living structure, came from the movement of the Amazon River and its flow through all of South America. The flow of water was taken into consideration when shaping the learning educational center. With this in mind, the program is organized to interplay between the two greatest features of the amazon, the river and the tropical forest. The structure itself is the middleman which creates a linkage for people to experience and interact with the river and the tropical forest. The learning center is a place where two different features of nature come together, generating the perfect opportunity to learn about the Amazon. The center is divided into areas of different type of learning from experiential to observatory. The experiential spaces allow the chance for people to learn by experiencing Amazonian and Brazilian native plants, animals, insects, and birds. In addition, the center allows for spaces in which people visiting can learn about the amazon through the five sensory features of humans, reflecting how one might experience the Amazon through touch, hearing, sight, taste, and smell. The learning center gives tourist the opportunity to experience the amazon as it truly is and allows a realistic approach to experiencing every feature it has to offer in a safe environment.

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