Nature Observatory of Amazonia

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NOA - 1467
Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria / it Italy
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Giuseppe Campailla

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The objective of the project is to demonstrate the unique experience that acknowledge the respect of nature.
Block suspended from the ground and its pathways coupled to the trunks of trees, seeks to respect the total flora of a habitat to be preserved. The center is powered by a geothermal system for maximum sustainability. The observatory was located a few miles south of the city of Puerto Arica in the Colombian border due to the annual rise of the water due to the pororoca invading gram portion of the river of the Amazons. The place is is accessible by boat.
The center has an exhibition space and open the box where hologram tecnonology shows everything about the Amazon rainforest. The center can accommodate students and researchers to further investigate the biodiversity of the place.

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