Central Park Summer Pavilion

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Floating Promenade: Activating Central Park's Reservoir

CPSP - 1396
Graduates of National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture / gr Greece
3 members
Kallirroi Taroudaki
Ourania Andreopoulou
Tonia Vavanou

As Manhattan floats on Hudson river, so does our pavilion on Central Park’s Reservoir. Water is a vital element for human life and culture, and also an important cooling parameter. We could not think of a summer pavilion without a relation to water. Our pavilion is an open summer promenade, extending the uses of Central Park on the lake and enhancing the relation between New York’s residents and water. It could be described as a continuity of the current flows and paths of Central Park, integrated in the existing network. The uses vary during the hours of the day and the days of the week, attracting people of different user groups and ages. This flexibility provides an interesting area for summer activities in the park. The promenade also acts as an intermediate space between the park and the water, allowing its users to become aware of the harmonic relation between the natural landscape of the lake and the city around it.

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