Viewpoint of the Fjords

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Ricardo Vera Beltran
Fernando G Canton
Jorge  Madera

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The visual frame which pretends a fjord is too wide and explosive, understanding the environment as a great ecosystem which possess quality’s and distinctives that invite us to go through a journey to discover the way it flows, their function and their visuals makes the site challenge us to review the entire area and obligate not just one point but instead a series of point views that covers the entire amplitude of a Norwegian landscape. The paths that already exist provide us to go beyond and set visual pauses in different scenography’s that this marine intrusion present us. Which through the use of a simple cubic modulation made out of the wood share by the site, get us a mimic between the forest and a medium that allow us to generate warm temperatures in the inside, this series of sensorial containers allow us to construct and deconstruct all the data that we need and just framing what it should be. The altitude proves to be an elemental key in this path by the use of different scales that can be feel next to a great mountain, maintaining in the lowest frame a connection with the water, then we have a medium frame which bind the mountains an lastly the higher frame which link the top and the skies giving the whole sense of a Norwegian fjord.

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