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El Mehdi Belyasmine

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

International Wildlife Center - WILDFOS

‘‘There is no question that Savannah packs a visual punch’’ - Tim Rutherford, ‘‘Savannah Style’’

Located just next to the Saber River, the choice of project’s localization is conditioned by the observation of two different spaces: the hydric area such as Saber River, which is a relaxation area, a primary space (water resources) for animals and natural areas such as savannah where there are many parades of animals masses.

The challenge of creating an International Wildlife Center is about to trace the speed of savannah, to capture the wild and natural movement and to make it a fossil through design, architecture for a specific purpose like landscape integration and lightness of architectural mass.

By using conceptual lines of the project, set of programs are placed by category but are linked by cultural and green spaces The project is divided in three parts : the first part is a social space where we can find the cafe/restaurant and the Library of Natural Sciences for who want to have more knowledge about the savannah, animals and others related and to discuss with others people. The Green Bridge hosts the open-air animal care area but the location of the program can help to be more visible so closely for visitors and volunteers who are set up in the ‘‘Accommodation’’ and Open-air observatory and want to see action along the bridge from Saber River to Savannah and vice versa. Under the bridge, the disposition of cultural uses like exhibition and conference areas enhance social interaction between all parts of the project.

Thanks to the climate of savannah, the project can work in an autonomous way : photovoltaic solar panels are set up on the roof to capture solar energy which are stored in the local which is the ‘‘Energy Exchange’’ room. Enhanced by the proximity to the Saber River and high temperatures, the dew from ground and/or river fog from the evaporation can be collected for water distribution.

Being in the heart of WILDFOS is about to be submerged into a wild space, to enjoy different views around and inside it but also to develop relationships between Savannah, Africa and his natural and cultural treasures...

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