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VOF1460 Pixelated Waterfall

VOF - 1460
North Dakota State University / us United States
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Jonathan Sidmore

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For our studio we used this design competition as a studio project. For our bounds of this project we had to use some type of brick. So I used CMUs. I really wanted to work with the material itself. My idea for this project was to make everything pixelated even the views. So for the views of the deck I have this glass window that reflects off the floor to make the seven sisters look like its pixelated. Also for the upper part of the viewing deck I have views that are in a pixelated like frame. Also in this project I wanted to show how CMU is put together. So for the stairs I should the metal re barb that helps hold CMU together as railings for the stairs. It makes it look like the upper part of the deck look like it was ripped away from the mail part of the deck. Another thing that I wanted the viewing deck to do was form with the landscape. So that is why I have most of the viewing deck in the ground. At the entrance to the viewing deck I have the CMU flowing into the landscape like they are coming together.

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