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VOF1447 Frames of History - A new hiking & exploration line for tourists in Geiranger

VOF - 1447
Dalian University of Technology / cn China
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Wu Tonghuan

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In the Geiranger fjord, most of the viewpoint and attractions are on the north side, which is mainly because of the south side of the fjord - a cliff, is difficult for construction and development. However, the value of the south side of the Geirangerfjord should not be ignored. As a prominent peak, the south side of the fjord has a excellent view of the whole fjord, what's more, the complex and varied terrain provides tourists a chance for advanture and exploration here - only the SKAGEFLA FJORD FARM is not enough for them.

So what I want to do is to provide them a new hiking line, which is full of suprise and unexpected findings. A hiking line that can tell them a story of the Geirangerfjord, or give them a chance to find out the beauty of the fjord by themselves.

The story comes from the history of the Norway Fjords, not only the natural history of fjords, but the human history here as well. People lived in Norway has been getting along with the fjord for thousands of years, and during this long period of time, the locals have formed a special feeling and understanding of the fjord. I extract three main elements of the fjord - sky, mountain, water, and combained them with three period of human history in Norway - the stone age, the viking age, the modern age, then put them in three small buildings on the hiking line. In this priject, I try to make the whole story of fjord a kind of "treasures", which can make the journey more colorful and interesting.

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