Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1416
Southern California Institute of Architecture / us United States
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Israel Guevara

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Situated on one of the highest points in the fjords, the Surveyor reorients visitors to five site curated viewports. Framed by sweeping walls and dripping ceilings, these viewports encourage visitors to consolidate their visual experience into single qualitative moments. The Surveyor has five views organized by a single axis that serves as a focal point to other spatial instances (nodes). The Internal space uses the axis, the nodes, and the closed loop trefoil in order to maintain concise and carefully articulated apertures. The Surveyor is not a destination, rather a beacon that organizes and orients visitors within their context. However the Surveyor consists of large open areas with single views that are meant for meditation and observation. Only a few visitor will venture off the prescribed trails in order to reach the Surveyor. The user experience consist of a spiritual entrance with a long tunnel that consumes visitors into a cavernous space. Upon entry, one will have four viewports to gravitate towards. The lake, the city, the sky, or the never ending landscape of the Fjords are precisely framed to intersects the visitors first visual intake. Visitors circulate downward as thy visit each viewport. The Surveyor is not the final destination as it allows visitors to continue their journey to either instance. Using aesthetical properties of current day Observatories, The Surveyor adopts attributes of a telescopes and re interprets it as a void. Other views manifest themselves as traces of other visual apparatus’.

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