Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1390
The Royal Dansih Academy of fine arts, School of Architecture Copenhagen / KADK / no Norway
1 miembros
Kyrre Høgalmen Robertsen

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The project explores how one can approach building the unspoiled nature of the west coast of Norway. It seeks to understand how a structure can be added to the landscape without deteriorating the beauty and unspoiled nature of the site. Exploring the vernacular architecture of Norway and how it is constructed and placed in the landscape has guided the project in understanding its relation to the site.

In the west of Norway it rains a lot, the viewpoint has two points from where one can view the surrounding nature. An open part on the roof and a covered part where trekkers can seek refuge from the rain but still feel the elements of temperature and wind.The viewpoint is point-founded so that in a future it can be removed and the effects of the ones constructed tower will be minimal. The viewpoint is located on the highest part of the trekk and in conection with the existing farm buildings.

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