Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1374
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart / de Germany
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Ivan Genov

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The Geiranger Fjord and its magnificent topography are a reminder, that the beauty of the nature is unlimited and timeless.

The multiple paths and spectacular viewpoints, that have been existing and preserved for ages, provide
already an amazing and breathtaking experience.

The challenge of the competition was is to propose a new way of experiencing the gorgeous scenery, without harming the nature and its image.

However, the remarkable progress of the technology today and its promises for the future were are also an important part of developing the concept.

Inspired by the multiple waterfalls, the Troll Tower, offers a new way of experiencing the nature.

The visitor center, a rail-moved pod, picks up the tourists from the dock. The pod system could be described as a hybrid between an elevator and a roller coaster. The exterior infrastructure lets the pod twist and turn along the structure. The multi-directional system of elevation changes the perspective, and enable tourists to see and experience the fiord scenery in a whole new way. Once the visitors are at the very top, they can observe the whole Fjord system. After reaching the maximum height, the pod takes the tourists to a platfom, the same level as Skagen plateau. There, the visitors can choose to either take the mountain path and go trekking, or continue with the lift to the bottom of the structure, where they can take a boat.

The pod itself combines elevator, roller coaster and a visitor center with augmented reality, that adds a realtime information about the view- such as names of points of interests, heights, paths etc. The digital graphic is projected on the windshield.

The structure itself is a diagrid tower, one of the most robust types of construction. It is anchored below the water surface and without overshadowing surrounding areas. This way the structure has minimal contact impact on nature, becoming some kind of a parasite structure. By doing so, it is easy to separate the man made marvel from the astonishing nature. The structure is designed with environmental sustainability in mind.

The concept aims at creating a new way of experiencing Geiranger Fjord by respecting the nature and using the technology of the near future.

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