Viewpoint of the Fjords

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Tourism is the most important industry for Geiranger Fjords. This project considers provisions for other seasons of the year(than just May to September) to enhance the visits during the whole year and make tourism a whole year opportunity for Geiranger. Selected spots for this project provide settlements built from the local rock which frame the fjords through shelters that blend into the natural environment. This will concentrate visitor focus to the landscape.
Due to limited sunlight and geothermal energy in higher elevations, passive energy design strategies are applied.
Fire is the main source of heat and light and it will heat the double layer walls to provide insulation and warmth. Ashes from the fireplaces are used for treating the compost toilet.
All spots selected for the project are in safe zones of construction based on susceptibility (rock slide) map generated by NGU. There are two general types of buildings, located in the higher elevations. One typology focuses on the sky features and the second embraces the panoramic view of the landscape. the exposed caves are natural and historical protected refuges and a natural frame through which the voyagers can view the fjords.
Fires in different locations come together which is inspired by historical mythology about the origins of auroras.

Spot I: land of exposed caves
A 60 minute hike via this trail developed from an existing hiking path, provides access to this unique spot with views of the U-shaped water inlet, the sublime mountains, seven sisters waterfall, and the city of Geiranger. The exposed caves are natural and historical protected refuges with different spatial sizes that are shelters for tourists and visitors who plan to stay overnight, and a natural frame through which the voyagers can view the fjords. Wood stoves for each unit would be the source of light and heat. caves are enclosed by glass walls.

Spot II: Kayak to the forest
Located on the safe zone ( the potential tsunami zones ) the rock settlements here provide view to the seven sisters waterfall, and provide experiences of the forest, the sea, and the rocks. building typology for this spot is similar to spot I.

Spot III: Journey to the northern lights
The location selected for this setting in a high elevation, looking at the historical farms. A hiking trail-developed as an extension of an existing hiking path provides access to the selected spot through a 45 minute journey. dome shaped structures resemble the old viking huts. They are positioned 1.6 meters under the surface level for preserving heat and better protection from the cold. This structure celebrates the sky and provides the contemplation element through watching the stars, and aurora via the opening on the roof.

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