Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1210
HTWK Leipzig, Germany / de Germany
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Felix Steeneck

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Subsequent Hike

The subject matter of the design deals with ways that lead to seclusion.
You can only reach to the final vantage point by water and a remote trail through the woods. Here the new architectural intervention forms an extension of the journey. Therefore the path can be experienced as a goal and becomes a pictorial tool.
At the end of the path, the visitor does not expect an excessive gesture, but the plain end of the path, which offers a unique view.

The Knivsflå farm, consisting of three existing huts and is located next to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, forms the creative basis.

The Subsequent Hike sets itself distinctively through the small ensemble, while assimilating the principle of the stone sockets and displays the terrain without disturbing visual relations. Nevertheless, its structual size does not make much of a claim and ducks behind the trees.
At the same time, it contrasts visually with a light-colored wood paneling, which in the course of time approaches the existing huts, but without completely categorizing itself.
It is important to use the same type of wood in order to generate an obvious location reference in the sense of the genus Loci.

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