Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1207
Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie / br Brazil
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Frederico Gualbeto Castello Branco Gonçalves

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Hiking trails are more often than not defined by reaching a goal. End Point is designed to act as a punctuation to the trail that starts at Homlung and heads toward the Seven Sisters Waterfall, along the Geirangerfjorden. A final experience to a unique viewpoint, different from all others throughout the trail. Being in the fjord, projected outwards from the cliffside.
As a continuation of the hiking trail, End Point itself is composed of different moments where light, sound and feelings are constantly changing. Open at its extremities, the project is permanently affected by the natural elements which reverberate in the thick steel walls of the tunnel. Water, snow and wind permeate the tunnel and interact with it's structure.
The object itself, a twisting rectangular corten prism is encrusted in the cliffside bedrock. The twisting profile in unity with the altering scale of the project’s sections creates two opposing moments, the first one entering the tunnel into a darker and narrower space, and the second one, past the tunnel’s midpoint, where the visitor walks towards a more spacious and naturally lit area, towards the final, coup de grâce moment of the journey, where the Seven Sisters Waterfall is framed by the tunnels opening.

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