Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1202
National Technical University of Athens / gr Greece
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Michail Gatzias


A natural environment is an endlessly transforming system. The proposal explores new ways to see landscapes, not as static spaces but as dynamic entities. Recalling the history of the fjords, the proposal attempts to retrace the principle that gave them their unique form. What is a fjord? What gave to the nordic landscape its current form? The gradual evolution of the fjords render them not a fixed system, but a constantly changing landscape. Considering the determinant role of time to the fjords evolution, the landscape is perceived not as a 3D spatial frame, but as a quadridimensional structure, that consists of space and time.
The proposal attempts through the synthesis to interpretate the quadridimensional landscape structure. The viewpoint is developed inside the void that was gradually shaped by the rock erosion, turning the naturally shaped cave to the architectural space. The structure is articulated in vertical threads that hang from the rock and consist a metaphor for the flowing water that over time formed the void. The consecutive series of threads symbolize the gradual displacement of the waterfall from the outer surface to the interior of the rock. Thus, the synthesis consists a timelapse of the waterfall that visualizes its evolution over time.

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