Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1157
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture / rs Serbia
2 miembros
Vanja Spasenovic
Darija Raseta

Tipo de proyecto:
Edificios Públicos

Our goal for Viewpoint of the Fjord competition was to create a unique experience through extension of the Fjord cliff itself. We wanted to give the visitors a distinctive connection to the natural environment from a different perspective. Coming into the glass capsule, you are greeted with a unobstructed 360o view of the surroundings. Glass has not always had a positive relationship with sustainability. Its use in design has previously been minimized because of high transfer coefficient; recent technology such as double glazing, lamination and coating (example - low-E and infrared) has drastically improved glass thermal performance, making it an attractive option in sustainable design. Unlike traditional clear insulated glass, insulated dichroic glass can reduce heat transfer and cut cooling costs through its natural shading abilities, saving energy while adding a singular aesthetic appeal.
The skywalk consists of two floors – first is completely reserved for nature contemplation with telescopes for observing the sky, café and rest area for hikers, info point for tourists; the capsule ends with an auditorium for nature and Aurora borealis observation. The second floor holds public toilets and additional space for employees.
Tension between the glass capsule and the mountainside was achieved with spatial steel truss, creating an interesting design with apparent eccentricity.

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