Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1104
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia / es Spain
2 miembros
Pablo Valero Escolano
Fernando Hernández García-Forte

Tipo de proyecto:

Standing in the middle of the astonishing Fjords, Axis Praxis brings the opportunity to live and sense the energy of the Norwegian nature as best as you could do. A simple geometry inserted in the rock, is projected as a viewpont to one of the most important landscapes in Norway, the Seven sisters.
A compact arm which flys enclosing a waterfall, is pierced in two strategical points; one which allows a direct visión to the 7 sisters; and the second one oriented to the end of the valley. The concrete is materialised in the Project and selected by inspiration of the rocks, trying to be part of the surrounding nature.
The visitor will experience the viewpoint from the very first step into the entering tower, where he gets into the comunication core and ends in the main space of the viewpont. A path is displaced along the viewpoint, focused in the waterfalls both from the inside to the outside.
The sensorial path throw the viewpoint leads to its end, where the visitor can walk over the roof and sense the adrenaline of the Norwegian cliffs.

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