Viewpoint of the Fjords

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Megan Cyr

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A man named Bjornstjerne Bjornson wrote a poem called Norway Norway. He was well known as the writer of the Norwegian national anthem and exceptionally captures the essence of the Fjords in his poem. This poem is inscribed along the banister of the pavilion, which takes the visitor on a path from looking towards The Seven Sisters Waterfalls, to facing the Ørnesvingen-Eagle road look out.

While reading this Norwegian poem you will walk around a pool of water that gently flows over the edge into a pool below. This immerses the visitor in the sound of falling water while gazing upon the many waterfalls across the fjord. These pools of water are borrowed from a nearby stream and then directed back into the rolling cliffs. This means that the waterfall will only flow when the surrounding natural streams are flowing themselves, giving the visitor a true feeling of being immersed in the nature surrounding them. A water turbine is located at the entrance of the first water pool, where the stream water enters the pool itself. This in turn harnesses the energy and is used to light the pavilion when needed.

Inside of the pavilion there is a rock wall meant to feel like you are standing inside of the cliff face. This wall has a built in wooden bench allowing for the visitors to sit and gaze at the views comfortably. A wood stove can warm the visitors in the colder months when desired.

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