Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF 1230 _ Amphi . nature . theater

VOF - 1230
University of Cyprus / cy Cyprus
4 miembros
Giorgos Kyriazis
Maria Ioannou
Lara - Anna Scharf
Styliana Charitou

The Norwegian fjords, a rich environment. Numerous views. Amphitheater typology re-visited.
The Amphi nature theater does not sit on the ground. It is elevated above it.
The stage is absent. The spectacle is not the human act. It is nature. Nature is performing.
The geometry of the amphitheater is disrupted. It is enhanced by nature’s elements.
Skog Forest expands on the structure. Trees remain untouched. The theater surrounds them. Vegetation grows on it.
Vann Water is collected. It passes through the structure to an overflowing platform.
Fjell Mountain stands unspoiled. Is experienced from the descending platforms, hanged from the structure.
The Location accessible on foot. Close to a pathway. Yet isolated from human interventions.
The Amphi nature theater proposes a new way of contemplating, a new way of relating to nature.
The spectacle expands outwards as well as inwards the theater.
The theater becomes an element bound with nature.
The spectator steps on the theater. The spectator steps in nature’s performance.

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