Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1224
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana / co Colombia
3 miembros
Juan Sebastian Vargas Gallego
Andres  Garcia
Daniel Felipe Ariza Garzón

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The word contemplate comes from the Latin contemplari, it is composed of two parts cum and templum, the templum was a place where the sky was observed to determine the consecration of a religious place. The action of seeing involves brain connections with which this activity transcends its most banal meaning, such as opening the eyelids and allowing light to enter, until we can detail something with our eyes, to the point where we can reflect and learn about what is go (there is the difference between seeing, looking, observing and contemplating). Understanding this difference is the conceptual starting point for the development of the viewpoint of the Norwegian fjords.

Gerainger, the waterfalls of the Seven Sisters, the fjord and the lake Skagedalsvatnet, are the determining factors for the location in the upper part of the mountain, as we are adjacent to one of the paths through which we practice hiking, it gives us the versatility of having two accesses, one direct through a funicular from Homlong camp that climbs the entire profile of the mountain to the viewpoint and the other entrance that receives hikers giving them a rest area. When excavating the mountain to place the project, the profile of the small openings is maintained so that the protagonist is the landscape and not the architecture.

Exploring new ways of observing the landscape establishes a space within the mountain, that together with the cafeteria, aims to provide an atmosphere that evokes the traditional Viking dwellings in which the development of domestic activities was carried out around the hearth, the rest of the program It is arranged around the mountain, inside it, providing spaces that have varying heights to generate atmospheres that allow different ways of perceiving and relating to the landscape.

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