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The Vision Of Future - Innovative Learning Center

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Jordan University of Science and Technology / jo Jordan
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Abdallah Abuawad

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Project brief
An architectural design project seeks to find innovative architectural solutions to utilize human and natural resources in Jordan. the project combines new centers and architectural products which will host new innovative activities. These Activities are related to new educational systems, improving youth abilities and interests, and utilizing natural resources. the project will utilize technologies and up-to-date architectural integration solutions to create the best possible motivative, healthy and sustainable environments.

Exploiting human and natural resources in any country is essential to its prosperity and success. In Jordan, many existing national human and natural resources are not adequately used. Therefore, this project will shed light on two of these resources; youth, as an example of human resources, and surrounding elements as an example of natural resources.

The needs for this project
Now, we need a bigger ambition than improving education. Despite of the fact that the educated people rate in Jordan is increasing through years, and the illiteracy rate is decreasing as the statistics. But the patents rate is dropping down between 2007 and 2016. This make us realize that the education development or curriculum upgrading don't connected mainly to the creativity and innovation capacity. and this is where the importance of the project appears.
This project aims to rise the quality of education in Jordan by promoting creative thinking and innovative architectural approach, Provide an environment that will give our children and the confidence to do all what they think, and teach them that there is no limits to their potentials, Focus on children's needs and the scientific and cultural experiences by providing an environment that stimulate children to think creatively and innovative and clever, and Provide a learning environment using architectural vocabulary and their involvement in the educational process.

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