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Transition, home for the elderly

IEAP - 1225
Universidad Internacional de Cataluña - Escuela Superior de Arquitectura / es Spain
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Rodrigo Álvarez Acosta

Tipo de proyecto:
Residencial Colectiva

Montcada y Reixac, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

The intervention area is a temporal and spacial conection between the Besós river and the Ripoll, same as the one existing before the flood in the ’62.

The site is located in the zone of Montcada, one slop from four meters and the urban relations with the context are the conditions for the proposal which take materiality in to a square-park which merge with the nature from the river.One repersentative square , which lacks in the city.

Nowadays is existing one fisical limit which separate Montcada, caused by the train that cutt across.It becomes now in to a “Rambla” that becomes the city vertebra, and offers to all pedestrans conexsion and accesibility to the city center.

In the furthest point of the passage we arive to a hall, which narrows for take place the big central square.This square takes as a module the 14 meters, where as if a paper sheet in transform in strips, one of these goes down and gides you tu the river,and other ones stays at the same level and collect the space, and other ones raise you to enjoy the view.

In the surrundings of the square is situated the preexisting pice from a primary school, the one which expand with a volumen with similar sizes, and follows the same thickness from the existing building creating one third pice of residence for elderly people, creating like these, one facade for the square.
The empty space finish the limits with a big horizontal volumen, pretending to be an iconic building, which at the same time makes the new pedestrians space from Montcada.

The lines of strength from the city which comes from south to nort being one city which grows in between the topography, in this point changes from west to east for the predominance from the Ripoll river and the unión with Besòs.

In the project are always present the axis X and Y which are acting in simillar way in both projects, because bouth have the river and the park from bouth sides.

The fact from interfer and equip this part of the city is the that helps to turn, to unite and formalize this new squer.


The Project fom the home for elderly people conforms one of the facades from the square, complet the rate building and ends horizontal axis river.

Downstairs one side is aligned to the existing and the other protrudes through and creating inviting prior to the union of the square with the river axis and down the river atmosphere. The passage under the building stresses the environment, space expands and contracts, short direct visions. Three volumes leaving the strips are holding the upper body that looks and be seen by all sides to be the end of several frames and adopts a uniform appearance.

logic of the public space giving way to the urban fabric by promoting social exchange, giving the urban and the natural.

The ground floor rooms and indoor activities are what give life, while the movement takes place in the inner courtyard, with horizontal circulation and ramp.


In the materiality volumes downstairs leaving the park strips modulation, take a hard and heavy appearance, as if it was lifted, while the rim is lighter, hurdle. The building takes on the appearance of the river and the river of the building, concrete and reed, and high sunk.

The structure of a double ring that works as a girder that rests on the ground floor volumes, freeing pillars steps works.

Energetically, the building, focuses on the variation of layers in the front, so that each facade serve different filters and horizontal cantilever, vertical dividers, the outer fabric and the inner facade.

Reeds for concrete formwork used, we have the Aslan manufactures next, and the hurdle for the blind, which produce a low ecological footprint river being the perfect environment for growth, maintenance, few tools are needed for extraction and manual stitching without the intervention of machinery. From the residence workshops to discuss these tissues will.

Three different use sockets, administrative, health and hospitality, which are reflected in public areas on the upper floors house the vertical connectors.

“The proposal builds opportunities, interact with users of the building and the city gives way to frame and complete the square. Participate as an activator of Montcada.”

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