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Toy Architecture

SFC - 1149
San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca / bo Bolivia
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Ramiro Saavedra

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At present, the search to eliminate conventional education systems is frequent, the old models have this mentality of ‘anaesthetic experience’, where students are instructed in a mechanical way avoiding or forgetting the creative part. Many of these children lose their own curiosity and creative thinking throughout their training.
Architecture and interior design, as a projector axis, must be responsible for returning that energy, thought and divergence through design, not only in environments but also in experiential realities. The proposal seeks to solve, not only the project with its spaces, but also that children, through design and its different forms, can modify specific sectors of the project and that the furniture not only serves as a functional object, but as an element of creative construction and didactic game, with very simple forms. (diversity, dynamism and distinction)

The project will house 15 children from 3 to 6 years old (Assimilation Phase), it will integrate students with natural precepts such as vegetation and environment. The concept of the proposal comes from wooden toys and how these are used to invent imaginary realities, where they can come up with their own ideas. This works to generate divergent thinking, socialize in a life-size toy, prioritize learning through shapes, and use basic colors to focus and exercise your mind.
Children modify their environment, change the architecture, appreciate its characteristics, play with its elements, enjoy nature and interact outdoors.

‘A living building that encompasses activities, teaches, shapes minds, interacts with its users and creates uses beyond its original purpose, architecture that transforms lives.’

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