Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1253
Silesian Univesity of Technology / pl Poland
3 miembros
Izabela Kubica
Beniamin Walecki
Michalina Musioł

Human and nature make harmonious whole. Together they are one complete organism. What if we gently concentrate and tie all the elements of this organism in one point? TangleVOF create culmination of Norwegian fjords in which all of these components are interwined.

The location of the object was chosen in such a way that it would be possible to gather all elements of nature. An important aspects were also obtaining a wide viewing angle and access to communication. Viewpoint are addition and continuation of the trail running along a rocky mountain. The base of entire shape are formed by two axes which are created by nature. These axes also helped to receive a shape that gives a wide view of fjords.

TangleVOF consists of three longitudinal elements. Their shape symbolize tangle of all elements of nature - rocks, water, flora, human. In the most massive element there are two floors. On the ground floor there is information, toilets, some rooms for staff and utality rooms and place for a short rests. Space for longer rests is created upstairs. On one side the is a place to eat, talk and spend time with your companions. On the other side there is a room of contemplation where everyone can calm down and feel part of nature. The roof of this whole element is the main viewing terrace of the object. This part of the building was complemented with two elements forming paths. One of them on the front creates an additional small terrace. Eeach of the three elements has different high level but all of them connect at the ends in one path. Form are created from raw materials to emphasize unity with nature.

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