Canyon View Accommodation

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CaVA - 1252
Politecnico di Milano / il Israel
2 miembros
jonatan zisser
Anton Taiurskii

We were inspired by the creation of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado river has revealed a magnificent diversity which had been hidden in the Grand Canyon.
The building is an abstract which resemble the moment of creation. We have designed a longitudinal water duct along the building; the “line of erosion” is flowing from a fountain facing the entrance hall, leading to an ambiguous space who open towards amazing panorama of the Grand Canyon horizon. On the top of the water duct a ‘wind catcher’ (see, ‘building features’) is inserted to provide the building with natural ventilation by the winds of the south. The balcony and the main bar are aligned with the North-West direction of the Grand Canyon creating united vanishing point to Canyon and the horizon.
The complex is located on ‘Yaki point’ in the South Rim and well connected with public transportation to ‘Grand Canyon village’. The whole complex consist of luxury facilities such as swimming pool, gym and spa centre etc. Each one of them has a different view to the Canyon.

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