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Rouba  Rahi

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

Byblos is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited and cultural cities in the world, and some scholars even say that the first alphabetic writing was born in the ancient city of Byblos. Layers of civilization are literally piled on top of another in this expensive archaeological site. Its medieval city walls hold a Phoenician fortress from 2500 BC, a crusader castle, and an Obelisk temple that dates back to the times of the ancient Egyptians.

You can spend your days looking for each of these ancient relics, or wander about this garden of ruins aimlessly and simply dive in the entrenched history that defines Lebanon.

My site is located in a parking lot, facing the Roman Alley, and looking over the city of Byblos. On my first visit, and while looking at the Roman columns, I had the vision of a blending chameleon triggered by the complexity of the surrounding, merging between a historical city and a modern era - Going unnoticed and self-sufficient depicts a feeling of what I intend to reflect through this project.
I am trying to create a project that fits perfectly in its surrounding, but at the same time, brings something new to the city, something that can be as an add on, a focal point, and a strategic destination; without tampering the origins of its identity.

Going unnoticed and self-sufficient is a feeling depicted by the chameleons to keep on blending with the environment around them, by adapting its colors to the surroundings.
I wanted to reflect this reaction in my project, by creating a Function, a Need, but at the same time an experience, a new relation between what used to be BYBLOS, and a relation to the new era in which we live in.

Nowadays, "We live in a society that many times pushes mathematics and language before the arts." by saying so, we point the finger to technology. Therefore, I want to create a project that looks beyond the traditional boundaries, and create a program that encourages art, artists, moviemakers, and audience involvement.
I want the city of Byblos to act as a catalyzer, for people to get inspired, by making each and every one invited to create their own story.

The future needs a new approach - creating human experience on different levels, providing the opportunity to mix visitors and actors.

This approach is summarized by filmmaking, the art for storytelling.

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