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YONSEI UNIVERSITY / kr Korea, Republic of
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Taewook Kang

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

A star shoots on the open ground, in the middle of Chile.
Digging the ground and building up the hills around, fallen stone makes crater.
In this place, star lovers throughout the world gather around, communicate and sharing their interest through the star. Here is a Mecca of enthusiasts and the rising star; The International Museum of Astronomy (IMOA).

The hills around crater are filled in each program for museum. And, visitors can wander from place to place like spacewalkers because hills revolve around crater; plaza. Therefore, IMOA is not the space where users have to catch up with fixed one-way route such as traditional museum, but the space where users himself can make watching movement of experience. Sequence of tour is up to users’ choice.

Users inside the hill can tour in and out of museum frequently. Stepping out of exhibition hall and looking up at the stars, they may come back in to study astronomy or may not. Experts who love stars may go straight to the observatory. For amateur, perhaps ‘Experience field’ takes priority over other rooms cause of its fun; touching moon’s surface, drawing constellation. Finally when ceiling of planetarium open, users in different groups can share and enjoy mysterious of the universe together looking up the starry heavens.

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great work..congratulation..

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