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be Belgium
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Loïc Croegaert
Sarah Germaine De Pourcq

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

The essence of this project is the orientation towards the sky and its stars.

The project looks for references in the fundamentals of architecture: a roofless enclosed space, defined by a wall. At the same time, it has the ambition of reminding us Newtons unbuilt cenograph, by Etienne-Louis Boullée.

A clear and strikingly simple geometry frames the sky. The museum is located mostly underground, to remove the landscape and erase the context. The visitor is focussed on the sky, the stars, the earth, the air, the soul.

The composition of the plan follows the very first conceptual decision: defining an enclosed space, where the sky becomes the landscape. A programmed and inhabited wall encloses a square. The plan is constructed out of lines and curves, which emphasize the sequences of architectural experiences.

The wall serves the museum. It gives it access, services, and - most importantly - light.
The square is perforated by round shaped patios, that provide - again - only views upwards. They also provide the necessary light, air, and circulation for the underground museum.

Over the years, we imagine the project to become an inherent part of the landscape, almost defining it, through its volumetry, presence and material. The desert will become project, the project will become desert, sand, stone, and eventually, sky.

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