Viewpoint of the Fjords

Anterior Proyecto 12 de 216 Siguiente


VOF - 1056
Università degli Studi di Padova / it Italy
2 miembros
Carlotta Picci
Alessandro Bellini

Tipo de proyecto:

The idea around which we built up our project is basically the manifestation of a contradiction, reached through the combination of a massive casket (or in Norwegian "Skrinet") in concrete and a light glass structure hidden like a treasure inside it. This bivalence allows the observer to get conflicting meanings while exploring it.
Initially the structure is conceived by guests as a squared mass that prevents and interrupts the view of the surrounding fjord and stands out like a monument on the slope; at the entrance, however, the luminous and transparent box overhangs them and together with the noise of a water flow, suggests to visitors that they have been trapped in a deception. Through a path of ascent in the mass itself, the context shows itself more and more, until reaching the terrace above, where it show up a panoramic view framed by the same building that at the beginning was blocking their path, which turns out to be an artificial bank of a trickle of water.
At that point their conception of the building radically changed and even when they will turn back, they will bring with them a new awareness of it.

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