Hyde Park Music Pavilion

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Silence on crossing

HPMP - 1212
The University of Tokyo / jp Japan
2 miembros
Keisuke Okamoto
Mikiko Takasago

Tipo de proyecto:

Rather than a single structure, this project proposes a network of pavilions situated at each of the major crossings in Hyde Park. This array of abstract monoliths, each different in size and orientation, will be visible across the park, visually marking and orienting various pathways through the grounds.
The design principles for each pavilion are simple: in plan, a circle is drawn at the top of each intersection in the park’s network of paths. Then, each pavilions is cut based on the local conditions of its crossing, resulting in an interior volume that is secluded from the wider expanses of Hyde Park, while also resonating and reflecting ambient sound in a unique manner. Collectively, these pavilions function as a landscape-scale instrument, reflecting acoustic qualities of the park for the visitor's contemplation and enjoyment. The pavilions attract people coming to the park from different paths, in different moods, and brings them together in a moment of pause. Inside the structures, the ground is carved out, allowing the visitor to find different points in the space and different resonant frequencies.

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