Premio IE Spaces for Innovation

Anterior Proyecto 22 de 28 Siguiente


SFI - 1093
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid / es Spain
1 miembros
adriana Pablos

This project concerns the rehabilitation of the consolidated city facing the difficult task of intervening with the multiplicity of actors and owners in a neighborhood scale. A progressive containment strategy and guidelines for a radical change of city and landscape, form of social relationship between citizens and the necessary updating of housing is offered.

The strategy continues requalifying spaces first by re-prioritization of public space at the ground plane (65% of the ground plane surface is free) from the architecture that will dominate the topography eliminating steps and giving an organized system of access Then extending this process of revitalization to the built: the blocks. They are to use small-scale operations to produce an improvement in housing, its perfectibility and typological variety. These transactions will be 3. Some replacements of the reticular slabs by inclined floors, a new structure of the walls, overhangs and expanding retraining finally common public space that is no longer limited to the communication nucleus.

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