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Elizabeth Tsaplina

Main idea of my project was a merging of a human body and all its life processes. This merging solves such problems as how to increase an efficiency of working or educational processes, make a shopping process easier, faster, more qualitative and healthier .
The chip "microcomputer", that placed in body, tracks health and body changes like pulse, temperature, blood pressure, does blood tests, collects an important data about your brain activity, hormone level. This chip synchronises with all learning, working, shopping devices and due to the information, devices analyze your preferences, make the best working plans for you, based on biorhythms and ect, give you an advice what to do at first, offers you to add the list of products that based on your medical indications, your personal preferences, diet, style and body proportions.
The other important part of the devices is that they have a variety of settings enable an easy handling and easy adaptation to any user. Educational and working spaces could be installed anywhere, without losing their effiency and potency. Shopping device can be installed even in hall of your office, so you will spend a few minutes to do shopping.

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