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SFI - 1061
Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture / kg Kyrgyzstan
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Niyaz Musakeev

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Basic idea of college is to show how innovative ideas change architecture of folks around the world and their lifestyle. (Based on experience in Kyrgyzstan). Humanity moves farther and farther from the nature with each stage of development, destructing it with anthropogenic activities and creating artificial environment with consuming ideology. Now we have entered the digital era, and it is the beginning of creation of humans’ their own world in the virtual dimensions.
A collage consists of 3 topics that were developed during student years.

Innovative space of neo-nomads
At the present, the notion of “mobility” increasingly getting into our daily lives. The modern world has become unified, distance disappeared, borders between countries, nations. A new type of free people-neo-nomads. On the basis of traditional dwelling of the nomadic peoples of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) was developed a conceptual design for neo-nomads. Consisting of 4 types of spatial organization of mobile units:
1) Linear Formation of Modules
2) Vertical dynamic modules
3) The vertical garden with mobile modules
4) the formation of vertical modules
While designing a mobile residential module main task is to create such a structure, which would have a maximum plant availability, transportability, minimal weight and volume in different condition, the least time of the construction with high comfort. The main properties of these modules: demountable, compact size, light weight. A hardware module, it usually takes a minimum housing area and allows for comfortable accommodation. Residential unit also comes with quadrocopters.

Innovative eco areas
Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan
One of the priorities in the development of architecture in Bishkek is to strengthen the innovation and technological base of the capital. Modernization of the city takes place through the building the eco-areas into the old buildings of the city, creating a creative modern type space.
Innovative eco-regions is a technological areas with a modern way of life and including work, housing and education. They are designed to introduce new technology into society, therefore raising the intellectual level of the population. Eco areas are located on the territory of the old industrial factories, and make functions of the gradual transition of the industrial age to the information age.
Virtual city
Virtual world is the new environmental dimension, a new form of life, created by a human. It is a new type of non-material society, the world of thoughts and unlimited resources. Material resources will become past, and the human will consume virtual resources. Which would stop planet’s destruction. People will start building cities inside the virtual matrix. Any ideas and ideas would realize in the virtual world.

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