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SFI - 1038
Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madere y Maestra (PUCMM) / do Dominican Republic
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Lorena Espaillat

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The general idea is to conceive work, ratail, and working spaces from a landscape perspective. The proposed collage contains three main concepts:mixture of uses, humanizing through nature and technology as a simplifyer of processes.

Work, retail and learning environments occupy one third of an average person's day, thus increasing the quaility required to meet througha rightful architectural-management and conception.

My vision is moved by a desire to achieve harmonious, healthy, peaceful environments, and the translation of theses ideas was the main focus for the collage project, representing the future of the three types of spaces addressed as sustainable environments were nature acts as a general container, as a transition, and as an added value to the inherent uses or work, retail and learning environments.

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Very interesting proposal. Congratulations!


This is bey way to submit the proposal and I am sure you can get this proposal now. I am sharing with you that website here also upload some proposal you can read the description and I m sure you like the budge.

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