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SFC1122 The New Cube

SFC - 1122
Udelar- Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo / uy Uruguay
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Magdalena Reolon Yarza

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This cube is based on the beginnings of our childhood, on that game we all once played when kids, at least in my
country, Uruguay, the ‘jungle cage’. It is aimed at the playful, because i strongly believe this is the solution to
promote creativity in children, we must change the educational institution not only for future kids, also for the
present ones.

This cube contains several interactive spaces although the approach is for a few children, there is no need to
skimp when it comes to education, however, it could still be an economic solution given the materiality and the
dynamism it holds. This new cube can easily be placed over rooftops of small buildings in the city, as a new form
of urbanism.

The future is unknown but is a fact that the spread of the cities makes the green percentage lower and lower so is
a must for this nursery school. The contact with nature is essential for the youngest.
The appropriation of the child in each space makes him feel part of it. So every kid can adapt every corner,
together with the others, to create their happy spot that will definitely stimulate creativity and work in group
abilities. Every double height has nettings which makes them interact with the whole building and with the rest of
the floors in which different activities will be carried out.

Why reuse the cube? Why keep using this shape? Nowadays the cube is used in a very structured way that
definitely does not work with boosting their creativity , so we must descontract it as much as possible. It was
planned on different levels in which reaching the top is the goal of each child. The use of ramps,slidings or stairs
to go up and down is extremely interactive. In addition to this, some floors are open while others are closed as
for them to go through different atmospheres and forcing them to carry out different activities. Several green
spaces where included in which children can interfere in the way they want, whether it be creating organic
gardens or doing outdoor activities.

As for the architecture floors the explanation of being really schematic in this presentation is because they can be
altered according to the users’ needs, in this case children. It is imperative to acknowledge that this structure is
far away of the basic structure, perhaps a first sight you can say this cannot boost creativity but is not the need of
changing shapes we must attack but the need of changing programs.


If we blend the jungle with the new ideal type of educational sistem it seems to me that we can find different
spots in our building where we can interact with other children and at the end reach the top of it.
This may advance that is not necesary for the youngest to be divided by age, nor the nursery kids nor the primary
school ones.

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