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ku leuven / co Colombia
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Edificios Públicos

Luna nueva Nursery School
Chia, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

This project aims to refurbish a old nursery school in a small town close to Bogotá, Colombia.
The Nursery school is part of the public education network of the Chia municipality, the school has about 120 kids with 6 classrooms in two different schedules. 6 am to 12 am and 12 am to 6 pm.
The idea is to reorganize the school providing new spaces base on the theory of multiple intelligence; with this purpose the new building considers spaces to develop skills such as musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic skills.
The building projected has a flexible structure, with two levels. The ground level integrates areas like the playground and the farming zone, it also has two of the four flexible rooms use to develop different skills. The first level has the other two rooms connected by a long corredor, the main body of the structure tries to give as much as possible free space in ground level, it also gives the possibility that the building change by adding a possible extension in the first level.
This new building use as extension of the old nursery home, the idea is that all these new spaces support the learning process of the old nursery by adapting space to develop of different skills.
During the design process all kind of spaces related with the multiple intelligence theory where consider and organize by groups that correspond with the 6 spaces that are inside the building. The idea is that the activities and space related with each skill can work together in the learning process.
As referents for this project where taken concepts from Toyo Ito and Atelier Bow-wow, the concept of the fluid space and behaviorology make part of how the building was design, trying to give as much freedom as possible for the activities that could happen . The open structure can work as an inner flexible space, but it also can offer adaptation and different qualities such as light, comfort and community life that can happen in the same environment.
This building provides security, learning and flexibility that are important for kids at age. It also gives all the possible services needed, in other words the building also has some storage room and WC service for the users. In terms of it materiality main exterior walls build with Earth structure and the main building has wooden structure cover with semi translucent glass to protect the users. The weather in the area is around 10 to 20 degree all year, the building has natural ventilation and its location guaranties thermal comfort.

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