Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1236
Wrocław University of Science and Technology / pl Poland
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Joanna Małek

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This project is the interpretation of creating not only a view point, but also a meditation point. The combination of two divergent forms was the keynote: the road - being an alternative way of sightseeing, which gradually unveils a range of views, but also understood as a voyage into self-discovery, and the frames for the view, focusing viewers attention on the most characteristic openings and the most essential elements of the landscape. Owing to this, we can admire the landscape from different perspectives. This combination is reflected in the form of the serpentine adjusted to the slope just above Skagefla village and overlooking the perfect view of the Seven Sisters Waterfall. The title Serpentine curls, creating closed cubatures having additional amenities – public toilets and sauna. Toilets are needed due to the high rate of tourtists; sauna ,in turn, as an element of Norwegian culture and tradition contributes to the cleansing of body and spirit among the surrounding nature and enables a deeper contemplation of the views. Respecting the protected areas, it was assumed that the interference into environment should be minimal, which is reflected in many fields, i.a. in the form of the building which does not disrupt the perception of nature with its too expressive form, the elevation of the object above the land on the columns, the use of local timber and the self-sufficiency of the object.

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Cool idea! Sustainability and dialogue with the landscape in one project, great!

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