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6IEAP - 1067
University "Mediterranea" of Reggio Calabria / it Italy
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Rocco Balzamà

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The thesis-topic (my last University project) is to propose an overturning of the attention towards the entire hinterland of the territory of Reggio of Calabria (Italy), trying not to think only about this city along its coasts but thinking that there is a system of small centers, of small forgotten villages. This is going to be a reflection based on the idea that, as today, an architectural landscaped and strategic project could be the jet opportunity to give a possible better future through the marriage of those elements connected with the recovery of the rural center.

The project is the design of future landscape, intended not as an ad-hoc intervention but as a strategic intervention, in order to improve the quality of space through a resilient regeneration of the agricultural landscape by enhancing the existing one and using the reproduction of the agricultural system for the recovery of lost natural conditions, through the integration between architecture and landscape; on one side landscape of the water, the river, on the other the agrarian one.

The goal is to bring nature to the city and make it useful to the citizen, to make this green corridor an accessible, productive and functional area for the city, thus providing ecological, urban and agricultural utility. The objective is to give a new reading to reality, that allows cohesion in a new relationship between city and landscape.

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