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Prestes Maia 911 Building Renovation, Vertical Squatters in São Paulo Downtown, Brazil.

3APP - 1171
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María / cl Chile
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Manuel Hernández

The obsolescence of buildings in São Paulo downtown has become a typical image of the city skyline, bringing with it a strong debate on housing policies and economic, social-cultural development , especially in a place where there are a lot of homeless. This has brought with it, the proliferation of social movements by occupying these buildings as squatters, showing the world the serious housing problem in brazilian society, being themselves a protest against the goverment housing models that rule the city today.
The project aims to show by the previous study of the occupations in the country, show architectural solutions (from urban scales to details) that can be made in these pre-existing with dynamic and progressive spaces as stages prior to the high-rise social housing, with questions about the development of them, architectural programs that can be associated with it, and all this in order to give a critical view of the traditional mechanisms for social housing development, trying to somehow foresee ways to raise homes in neighborhoods with the necessary infrastructures, not putting them away in the periphery as is today.
The renovation of the Prestes Maia should restore the social purpose of the building mixing housing, public spaces, cultural and commerce spaces.
Nowadays there are more than 200.000 homeless in the city, and a extraordinary quantity of unoccupied patrimony in downtown, that have to be used for the people to dignify them again as part of the society they belong.

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It is always necessary to ask your architect that how much does a house extension cost before it will help you in financial planning much easily.


Those homeless deserves to have a house, for their family that can call it a home. There is no need of luxury living, the only important if to have a shelter for them to live in. -

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