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Pop Wonderland Garden

APP - 1029
ETSAM Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid / es Spain
1 miembros
Ester Belmonte Lapuente

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The adventures of Alice In Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, are the main idea around this architectural project that modifies the old and huge Battersea Power Station of London.
Pop Wonderland Garden is a tale-project inside of a tale that tells us how to introduce a modern Wonderland inside the old londoner factory. And this modern Wonderland is going to be a greenhouse garden, a cultural centre and a POP cathedral at the same time.
A parallelism between the known Alice world, surrealist and crazy, and our world nowadays, almost as hetereogen, mixed and surprising or even more, is defined here. That's why even if the idea could seem unreal or too fantastic at first, it actually isn't.
Let's create then some characters that, even if coming from Wonderland, relate also to established prototypes of persons found in the society today. Kids, old people, problematic teenagers, persons with money, workers on strike, tourists or inmigrants are mixed in this garden where everyone finds a place to get lost in, discover or enjoy the magic of contrast and strangeness.
The architectural proposal is a group of big and small prisms with triangular section that meet with no order in the huge central space of the Power Station, as if it was a mysterious and pointy town, composed by different sized pieces.
Existing parts of the old factory are also transformed. Gardens and secondary elements are designed, and a huge number of big and small details too, reaching every scale, and transforming the Power Station into a "wonderful" and very POP space.

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