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Palegyptius museum and research center

5IEAP - 1121
Ain shams University / eg Egypt
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Dalia Niazy

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

ECO-city’s master plan plot in the heart of Baharyia Oasis engulfing diverse projects depending on TRI-cycle concept (local resources-research –exhibition).The diversity of land uses enhances the economic stabilization of the project along the years while being self sufficient , creating an eco (ecological and economical)prototype for the future of El-Bahrayia Oasis.

Project background
Some places in Egypt hold a huge reservoir of treasures and resources being neglected due to absence of ground breaking attractor there to out bring those to the surface of civilization. El-Baharyia Oasis has always been a place for people to settle in except for recent years it has become more and more and fading to oblivion.
The Eco-city’s masterplan generous 350 Feddan allowed a unique site planning ,while working with the city’s typology ,environment and introducing a remarkable prototype with a special architectural language . The Baharyia has always been the example of the city center for the oases around it and providing a civilized center will create the attraction required to decrease the congestion along the river Nile.

Project’s description
Palegyptius plays a vital role for the Oasis as it forms the foundation of making the city a paleontology HUB using research and exhibition of fossils especially dinosaurs remains found in that area .
The 39,600 msq net area of the natural museum divided into 2 parts(rocks exhibition –walkthrough of history timeline of Bahrayia fossils) connected through a ramp and a water buffer bridge representing a black hole reversing time to when that land was inhabitant by dinosaurs and water was a part of the tropical area it was before it came to what it is now . A central element is materialized at each era during the walk through to formalize the visitors’ route with attraction and iconic stops expressing the evolution happening .
23 Feddan reviving history Paleopark found at the end of the history walkthrough expresses a full journey to the city’s visitors creating the largest natural history park in the middle east ,following prospect and refuge design techniques for the landscape ,providing psychological and physical human needs.
The research center being divided into 3 atriums : the conference- GEOzone-FOSzone. 41.300msq research center endorsing two complementary study fields ; geology and paleontology ,along four typical floor plans provided with complete service considerations. The center is divided into 3 atriums : the conference- GEOzone- FOSzone. A conference zone has been integrated into the complex offering 2 special conference halls ,one for scientific specimen discussions of 200 people capacity and another hall of 700 people capacity .

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