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Espacios Públicos

Through a suggested route, “Intentos por São Paulo: Ensaio Minhocão” provokes all of us, subjects who use, consume and produce the urban, to reflect on the relevance of experiences, perception and spatial apprehension of the city in everyday life.
The proposal takes shape by connecting four “intentos” (interventions) along the path of the viaduct Elevado Pres. João Goulart (Minhocão), in the city center of São Paulo. Each attempt seeks to sensitize individuals by sharpening the senses of those who connect physically and visually in these spaces. The aim is to remove individuals from the state of anesthesia in the real world caused by the hypervaluation of the virtual world, using, as an artifice, human physical experiences such as sitting, feeling, smelling, living.
To this end, we work with the idea of decompressing passers-by in spaces that allow them to pause and perceive the dynamics around them. Each project is carried out in a unique way and adapted to its context, emphasizing the urban layer of communication and culture through shock, mixture and experiences. That is, it generates identity and belonging through the unique memories created between the individual, the collective and the urban space.
“These spatial experiences are open ended, they form a network of overlapping perspectives.” Steven Holl.

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