Outstanding Architecture and Design Final Degree Project Award

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OA - 1081
African Crafts School of Architecture and Urbanism / bf Burkina Faso
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Edificios Públicos

The construction of an artisanal complex in Saponé is likely to fill a void and meet the challenges facing this sector. The objective is not only to encourage production by improving the working conditions of artisans, but also to increase production. Thanks to the intellectual capacities acquired throughout our journey, we have been able to propose an architectural equipment that meets the requirements of and environmental requirements of the area where we are located, which is Sapone.
For the municipality, this craft complex must be a new place that brings together passionate craftsmen and a public in search of public in search of learning. It will therefore house, in a spirit of completeness, different spaces capable of supporting a rich and diversified cultural program. The accompanying architectural project seeks to create an emblematic building that explores history and values, while at the same time echoing nature. It is intended to be a reference energy transition and aims to perpetuate the traditional way of building with a view in the perspective of a sustainable and harmonious development.

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