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University Of Engineering & Technology Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan / pk Pakistan
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Muhammad Rehman

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My name is Muhammad Rehman
I have a Bachelor of Architecture degree from UET Peshawar KPK, PAK.
My thesis project was community related.
My thesis topic is: Elevating Society through Design Intervention.
My vision was to upgrade/ Upliftment the community/society through architecture.
The real class of society is the youth.
The society also develops through the youth.
If the youth get a good facility then they play a good role for the society.

As far as I've researched, young people (youth) in society are exposed to smoking and drug addiction.

How do I know that young people are addicted to drugs?
I started researching to upgrade the society through architecture
When I visited the society, I found three types of classes, Lower class family, Middle class family, High class family.
Then I targeted the youth in the society 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, class youth.

Most of them go to school in the morning and return home then
Often go out into the community with friends.
When young people go out of their homes
So due to lack of proper facilitation spaces, they go to wrong places.
Due to which they become addicted to drugs.

Reached this conclusion in the final
That if such an activity center is designed in the society
Due to which the youth remained engaged in it.
If the young class gets a suitable activity center
That way they will be safe from drugs and wrong places

The kind of person that needs food and drink to survive
In the same way, a person needs good exercise for good health especially for the young class (youth).

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