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Istanbul Bilgi University / tr Turkey
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Pınar Kahya

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and Çankaya, which can be accepted as the new center of this city, gained the central character of the nation-state with the newly built modernist buildings and survived as a reflection of the new identity that was built for a long time. On the other hand, foreign buildings such as the embassy in the center of the city also constitute a universal contribution to the identity of Çankaya. Recently, as a result of several incidents such as; the relocation of many administrative functions to other parts of the city, wrong infrastructure planning, and the loss of qualified users as the city became vehicle-oriented, Çankaya has begun to experience a collapse.

Çankaya, besides being the political and administrative core of the Capital, it is also located as the diplomatic center. Especially along the Atatürk Boulevard, which is the main street of Çankaya, there are substantial constructions, such as; embassies and diplomatic residences. In addition to these, it is possible to see the important modernist buildings of the city along this street.

In the project, a public-related foreign mission building proposal was expected on Atatürk Street, one of the first and most important streets of the city. It was requested by the project designers that this building represent the architectural culture or period to which they belong and designed for this purpose.

The culture represented in this project; Russian constructivism. While this trend was emerging in Russia, Turkey were establishing their capital as a new state. For this reason, it is possible to see various modernist examples in Ankara's first buildings. Due to the similarity of the period and the
building styles surrounding the project area, it has been suggested to represent the constructivism
movement for this project.

Constructivism is an innovative movement. It is dominated the fields of painting, sculpture and architecture. New materials, new typologies were tried in architecture. Structure and geometry were being developed, and innovative solutions were produced in construction. They were trying to trying to represent a strong country by making the first trials in this regard. Shukhov tower and Chernikov's drawings can be given as examples of new attempts on architectural and structural fields.

In response to these, started the project with the idea of designing the building vertically for an innovative design. Creating an identity in architecture has been developed by the planners for the purpose of finding an answer to the question of which; what can be the new typology of constructivism? Hence the coming solutions are put forward as: adopting innovative forms, innovative materials and functionalism of constructivism. Structure was designed with the solid-void relationship located around the public atrium. In this way, public atrium circulation brings the society a different experience.The ground floor was evacuated to create a public space and a transition between two streets. Access to the building is provided by the public atrium located on the ground floor.

In line with the stated purposes, the building, located on this important axis, was requested to be designed as an innovative structure that is both functional for the users and compatible with its environment for the city.

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