Outstanding Architecture and Design Final Degree Project Award

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OA - 1029
University of Guilan / ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
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Sara Jozaie Bazkiaee

Tipo de proyecto:
Residencial Colectiva

Dwelling is one of the most fundamental human developments of the past to the present, which has been added to its value and importance. While people spend most of their time in their houses, they are unaware of the impact of environmental and non-environmental factors on their mental health. According to the population growth and migration of low-income people to cities in the present age, the growing need for housing on the one hand and quick construction by builders under the pretext of reducing prices and time, on the other hand, reducing the quality of the house is obvious in many components. Social housing is one way to improve the situation and conditions, providing housing for low-income people with specific needs and designed and built by governmental or non-governmental organizations. Therefore, the overall purpose of this design is to achieve a model of social housing that will reduce the existing problems while maintaining its main goals, and provide its residents' mental health.
The main aim is designing a residential complex, with emphasis on the principles of social housing, and improving elements in relation to residents’ mental health such as housing and neighborhood quality.
The plans have been designed by 2*3 module for achieving the basic standards, appropriate scale, proportion, diversity, and flexibility.

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