Rural Tourism Accommodation (RuTA) Vietnam

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2 Septiembre, 2019
RuTA Vietnam

Próximamente se abrirá el plazo de inscripción de nuestro nuevo concurso internacional para estudiantes y jóvenes arquitectos Rural Tourism Accommodation (RuTA) Vietnam.

Un concurso que te va a permitir realizar una labor de investigación sobre los nuevos espacios turísticos alojativos en un paisaje tan emocionante como los campos de arroz de Vietnam.

La convocatoria cuenta con un jurado de primer nivel internacional y excelentes premios que te van a sorprender.

¿Estás preparado?



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If you need some advice to get these beautiful pictures, I think SaPa, Dien Bien, Lai Chau ... (the Northwest region of Vietnam) will be a great choice! (Because I'm Vietnamese)
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This is a good opportunity for Vietnamese students to learn a lot of experience in architectural design from developed countries, then apply them to the construction of rural tourist accommodation in their own homeland. they were born, come together to visit my website


wow just like in the Philippines. Because of the hardworks of the farmers this was formed.


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