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aldo sollazzo
23 de Octubre 2013
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Martes, 1 Octubre, 2013 - 13:56 - Viernes, 31 Enero, 2014 - 23:59


BRIEFIt is an age of exploration.Of resources, skills and ideas.New tools are creating important innovations in art, architecture and design.Adaptability, responsiveness, and customization are key values in this technologicalchange.Noumena Architecture, in collaboration with Advok communication, launches RESHAPE ®a competition of computational design and digital fabrication focused, in its first edition, onthe theme of LIVING space.RESHAPE ® is a platform for dialogue between visions and reality, dragging new ideas in themost cynical arena. The Market.RESHAPE ® is a challenge for designers, architects and makers. We are looking for innovativeprojects, characterized by performances, manufactures and costs.The topic of Living present several challenges that can be reshaped by designers.Proposals can follow different directions, but all ideas have to present a clear fabricationstrategy, taking into consideration economic and production aspects. All techniques mustbe connected to the use of digital machines such milling, 3d printing and laser cut machine.The scale can vary from small to large size objects.Is allow to present furnishing, lighting, decoration or tools elements.We ask participants to be product designers and to design as makers.Once the competition is over RESHAPE ® will become a brand and sell the best productstrough an e-commerce platform.RESHAPE ® is seeking designers and fabrication centers to create a network of ideas andproduction.The ability of being connected to the growing network of FabLabs around the world willenable agility and flexibility in providing high competitiveness in the market and visibility forthe designer.So RESHAPE ® can became an opportunity for designers to express their ideas and for Fab-Labs to be part of a new fabrication community.It is an age of exploration.Be part of it. JURY & EVALUATIONA panel of experts from the fields of computational design, digital fabrication and communicationwill evaluate ten winning projects.Projects will be evaluated by the jury in a scale from 1 to 10 in the following categories:concept idea / innovation / fabrication.Jury members are:Tomas Diez (fablab bcn director);Luis E. Fraguada (BAD founder)Andrea Graziano (Co-de-It founder)Filippo Moroni (Solido 3d founder)Giorgia Olivieri (journalist)Emmanuele J. Pilia (Director of Libreria di TransArchitettura)In the second stage the network will identify 10 more projects through an open vote onFacebook based on the numbers of like for each project. In this round, winners proposalselected by the jury will be excluded. PRIZESAll winners will be included in the online platform of RESHAPE. In the website there will bea direct link to each project and personal profile for each designer, so winners will be connectedto the network of makers and customers.For each product sold, royalties of 10% of sale will be recognized to the designer.The ten winners selected by the jury will be invited to take part to specific tallers in severalFablabs connected to the competition.All proposals will be presentend in different exhibition around the world. REGISTRATIONTo register to the competition please send your request to more information visit



I have been working on several print in digital format at and I am wishing to explore and upgrade to this level of digital print expertise.